Feature Films
Never Sit Down
 by Razvan Lacatus. (BEST FILM). 
Sweet Disaster by Laura Lehmus (BEST COMEDY). 
Verona by Ane Siderman (BEST DRAMA). 
Remnants by Kevin Khachan (BEST HORROR). 
The Siege 2 by Mark Lakatos (BEST ACTION). 
Futra Days by Ryan David (BEST SCIENCE FICTION). 
Grounds of Hope by Lionel Bernardin (BEST DIRECTOR). 
Good Enough by Mike Spears (BEST LGBTQIA+).  
October 22 by Nauwroz Khan (BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY). 
Broken Blooms by Luisito Lagdameo Ignacio (BEST ACTOR, Jeric Gonzales). 
Shanghai Story by Andrej Iliev (BESTACTRESS, Emilie Ohana). 

Short Films
Judgement by Ippolito toto Simion (BEST SHORT, BEST LGBTQIA+, BEST EDITING).
Mi Querido Juan Manuel 
by José Luis López (BEST DIRECTOR). 
You ask me what’s in my mind? by Weiqi Cai (BEST PRODUCTION, BEST SOUNDTRACK, BEST ACTRESS – Baihetiyaer Saibiya). 
Uncut by Mark Hensley (BEST COSTUME-MAKE UP, BEST ACTOR – Sam Meader). 
Palla di pelo by Giovanni Roviaro (BEST ACTION). 
Adam In Aeternum by Pedro Jaen R. (BEST FANTASY). 
Losing It by Sascha Vernik (BEST ANIMATED). 
Dancing with the wind by Benny Lau (BEST MOBILE). 
Clotheslined by Patrick Chemali (BEST EXPERIMENTAL). 
LEAVES by Paul Oliver Davis, Julia L. Rosengren (BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS). 
Intense Practice to Improve Performance by Yasser Shafiey (BEST COMEDY). 
7 MINUTES IN HELL by Shane Spiegel, Justin Reager (BEST HORROR).
Vlada Goes to London by Arti Savchenko (BEST STUDENT). 
Le Varou by Marie Heyse (BEST THRILLER).

I’ll tell you about your father by Daniele Gangemi (BEST DOC).
Bullets over Marseille by Gordan Matic (BEST DIRECTOR). 
Warehouse 12 – The Story of Beirut Blast by Paul Russell, Andrea Vogt (BEST PRODUCTION). 
A dream called Vendée by Niccolò Maria Pagani (BEST EDITING).

Other Categories
Mad Scientists by Antonia Tong (BEST TRAILER). 
MEMOREALITIES – Wonderful Disease by Oleg Nalivkin (BEST MUSIC VIDEO). 
Le Réseau by Matthieu Barbaray (BEST WEB SERIES). 
WE ARE AVAILABLE | Origo Studios x weareEnigma by Máté Majoros (BEST ADVERTISING). 
Phantom by Korea Black, Gianna Rose (Best Short Script).


Best Feature Film: L’Afide e la Formica” by Mario Vitale.

Best Foreign Feature Film: The Perfect David” by Felipe Gómez Aparicio.

Best Documentary: In prima linea” by Matteo Balsamo, Francesco Del Grosso.

Best Short Film: “Essence” by Baptiste Chabot.

Best Music Video: “Libertà” – Peppe Lana by Gianni Cannizzo.

Best Web Series: Resistance” by Maxime Chefdeville.

Best Commerical: “Non so dove, ma insieme” by Luca Finotti. 

Best Original Script: “Il prezzo di un’emozione” by Giuseppe De Vuono; “Youth & Age Flower” by András Attila. 

Frida Award: “It’s Me, Sarah” by Fabiola Andrade; The Vow” by Charles Sweeney.

Best Director (Feature Film): Christian Monnier for “A Fishy Business in Saint-Pierre et Miquelon”. 

Best Director (Documentary): Dario Butelli for “Blind Vision”.

Best Director (Short Film): Albin Wildner for “Dogwatch”.

Best actors: Giuseppe Fiorello (L’Afide e la Formica), Michelle Girolami (Implanted), Mahmoud Abu Jazi (A dead sea),  Laura Bayston (Hollow).

Best Cinematography: I work at the cemetery” by Oleksii Taranenko; “Ferry Ticket” by Jiawei Shen.

Best Editing: “Bone Cage” by Taylor Olson; “La pescatora” by Lucia Lorè.

Best Animation: On / Off”  by Nicolas P. Villarrea.

Best Horror: Tekenchu” by Carlos Matienzo Serment.

Best Experimental Film: Haiku” by Martin Gerigk.



Best Feature Film: Toprak by Sevgi Hirschhäuser

Best Documentary: Se ti abbraccio non aver paura” by Niccolò Maria Pagani

Best Short Film: L’oro di famiglia by Emanuele Pisano

Best Short Documentary: Chi di voi non è nato qui” by Mario Blaconà

Best Music Video: “Dermot Kennedy/Giants” by Oriol Puig 

Best Web Series: Qui Pro Quo” by Alessandro Bardani

Frida Award: Leaving to live by David Rodrigues

Best Director (Feature Film): Xuan Liu for “Bloom” 

Best Director (Documentary): Josh Tickell, Rebecca Tickell for “Kiss the Ground”.

Best Director (Short Film): Alessandra Gonnella for “A Cup Of Coffee With Marilyn”

Best Director (Short Documentary): Marco Riva for “Boschi, cavar carbone”

Best actors: Jiang Xu (Bloom), Rachel Nasschaert (Le Cygne des hèros), Danilo Arena (L’oro di famiglia),  Francesco Paolanton (Qui Pro Quo)

Special Mention for cultural Value (Documentary): Flash: la storia di Giovanni Parisi” by Marco Rosson

Special Mention for Cultural Value (Short Film): “Lo schiacciapensieriby Domenico Modafferi


Best Feature Film: “Il domani di Laura” by Costantino Maiani

Special Mention for Cultural Value (Feature Film): “Il domani di Laura” by Costantino Maiani

Best Short Film: “The Wind Phone” by Kristen Gerweck

Best Music Video: “May this city explode” by Giacomo Spaconi

Audience Award: “Irgendwer” by Marco Gadge

Best Director (Feature Film): Simona de Simone for “Forse era solo mal di mare

Best Director (Short Film): Marco Gadge for “Irgendwer

Special Mention for cultural Value (Documentary): “Sembra quasi di volare” by Alessandro Manieri

Special Mention for Cultural Value (Short Film): “9 su 10” by Andrea Baroni

Special Jury Award: “Brodo di carne” by Vittorio Antonacci


Best Documentary: “Waves: l’altro volto della musica italiana” by Marco D’Almo, Francesco Ferraris

Best Short Film: “Pipinara” di Ludovico di Martino

Audience Award: “Insetti” by Gianluca Manzetti

Best Music Video: “Brodinski – Split” by Pavel Brenner

Special Jury Award: “Rise of a star” by James Bort

Best Director (Short Film): Gianluca Manzetti for “Insetti

Best Director (Documentary): Francesco D’Ascenzo for “Allafinfirinfine

Special Mention for Cultural Value (Documentary): “Waves: l’altro volto della musica italiana” by Marco D’Almo, Francesco Ferraris

Special Mention for Cultural Value (Short Film): “Guardami ora” by Alessandro Manieri


Best Documentary: “Food Revolution” by Thomas Torelli

Best Music Video: “Ghost” by Zuzanna Plisz

Best Web Serie: “Nella sabbia di Brandeburgo” by Katalin Ambrus, Nina Mair, Matthias Neumann

Best Short Film: “The peculiar abilities of Mr. Mahler” by Paul Philipp

Best Actor (Short Film): André Hennicke for “The peculiar abilities of Mr. Mahler

Special Mention for Cultural Value (Documentary): “La guerra dimenticata” by Ulrich Waller, Eduard Erne 

Special Mention for Cultural Value (Short Film): “Listen” by Niko Mikazde

Best Director (Short Film): Paul Philipp for “The peculiar abilities of Mr. Mahler

Best Director (Documentary): Thomas Torelli for “Food Revolution”.


Best Actor (Feature Film): Yannis Stankoglu for “Invisible

Best Actor (Short Film): Francesco Pannofino for “Djinn Tonic

Best Actress (Feature Film): Park Sarank for “Boy meets girl

Best Actress (Short Film): Gloria Vonn for “Evelyn

Best director (Feature Film): Hideyuki Tokigawa for “Cinema Angel

Best Director (Documentary): Niu Zi for “Mind landscape

Best Director (Short Film): Michael Binz for “Herman the German

Best Documentary: “Unlearning” by Anna Pollio, Lucio e Gaia Basadonne

Best Feature Film: “Cinema Angel” by Hideyuki Tokigawa

Best Short Film: “The apology” by Yu Nakajima

Special Mention for Cultural Value (Documentary): “88 giorni nelle farm australiane” by Matteo Maffesanti

Special Mention for Cultural Value (Feature Film): “Invisible” by Dimitris Athantis

Special Mention for Cultural Value (Short Film): “Beyond the line” by Paolo Geremei

Special Jury Award (Documentary): “The winners” by Paolo Casarolli 

Special Jury Award (Feature Film): “Il nostro ultimo” by Ludovico di Martino

Special Jury Award (Short Film): “Empire” by Kristof Hoornaert


Best Feature Film: “Cornea” by Jochem de Vries, Holland

Best Documentary: “Waiting for the (t)rain” by Simon Panay, France

Best Short Film: “The fantastic love of Beeboy and Flowergirl” by Clemens Roth – Germany

Best Director (Feature Film): Maria Hengge for “Sin e Illy still alive”, Germany

Best Director (Documentary): Alessio Praticò for “Sradicati”, Italy

Best Director (Short Film): Javi Navarro for “I’ve just a dream

Best Actor (Feature Film): Juda Goslinga for “Cornea

Best Actor (Short Film): Salvatore Esposito for “The bookmakers

Special Jury Award (Short Film): “Pan Ruo Yun Ni” by Acheng Dong, China

Special Jury Award (Feature Film): “Angel of Nanjing” by Jordan Horovitz e Frank Ferendo, USA

Special Mention for Cultural Value (Feature Film): “Noi siamo Francesco” by Guendalina Zampagni, Italy

Special Mention for Cultural Value (Documentary): “Bola Cà, Bola Là” Luis Sousa, Portugal

Special Mention for Cultural Value (Short Film): “In god we trust” by Elefterios Zacharopoulos, France


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149 Prizes Awarded

214 Movies Screened

70 Countries Involved

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Lorenzo Ciani


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