Never Sit Down by Razvan Lacatus. (BEST FILM). Sweet Disaster by Laura Lehmus (BEST COMEDY). Verona by Ane Siderman (BEST DRAMA). Remnants by Kevin Khachan (BEST HORROR). The Siege 2 by Mark Lakatos (BEST ACTION). Futra Days by Ryan David (BEST SCIENCE FICTION). Grounds of Hope by Lionel Bernardin (BEST DIRECTOR). Good Enough by Mike Spears (BEST LGBTQIA+).  October 22 by Nauwroz Khan (BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY). Broken Blooms by Luisito Lagdameo Ignacio (BEST ACTOR, Jeric Gonzales). Shanghai Story by Andrej Iliev (BESTACTRESS, Emilie Ohana). 


Judgement by Ippolito toto Simion (BEST SHORT, BEST LGBTQIA+, BEST EDITING). Mi Querido Juan Manuel by José Luis López (BEST DIRECTOR). You ask me what’s in my mind? by Weiqi Cai (BEST PRODUCTION, BEST SOUNDTRACK, BEST ACTRESS – Baihetiyaer Saibiya). KOLD by Marley Hasselbach (BEST DRAMA, BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY). Uncut by Mark Hensley (BEST COSTUME-MAKE UP, BEST ACTOR – Sam Meader). Palla di pelo by Giovanni Roviaro (BEST ACTION). Adam In Aeternum by Pedro Jaen R. (BEST FANTASY). Losing It by Sascha Vernik (BEST ANIMATED). Dancing with the wind by Benny Lau (BEST MOBILE). Clotheslined by Patrick Chemali (BEST EXPERIMENTAL). BOTS by Steve Beta (BEST SCIENCE FICTION). LEAVES by Paul Oliver Davis, Julia L. Rosengren (BEST SPECIAL EFFECTS). Intense Practice to Improve Performance by Yasser Shafiey (BEST COMEDY). 7 MINUTES IN HELL by Shane Spiegel, Justin Reager (BEST HORROR). Vlada Goes to London by Arti Savchenko (BEST STUDENT). Le Varou by Marie Heyse (BEST THRILLER).


I’ll tell you about your father by Daniele Gangemi (BEST DOC). Bullets over Marseille by Gordan Matic (BEST DIRECTOR). Warehouse 12 – The Story of Beirut Blast by Paul Russell, Andrea Vogt (BEST PRODUCTION). A dream called Vendée by Niccolò Maria Pagani (BEST EDITING). 


Mad Scientists by Antonia Tong (BEST TRAILER). MEMOREALITIES – Wonderful Disease by Oleg Nalivkin (BEST MUSIC VIDEO). Le Réseau by Matthieu Barbaray (BEST WEB SERIES). WE ARE AVAILABLE | Origo Studios x weareEnigma by Máté Majoros (BEST ADVERTISING). The Sicken by Danny Alex (BEST FEATURE FILM ORIGINAL SCRIPT). Phantom by Korea Black, Gianna Rose (Best Short Script).