Le ragazze non piangono by Andrea Zuliani (BEST FILM). You’re OUT! by Katharin Mraz (BEST COMEDY). Seagulls sometimes howl like dogs by Guhl Geneviève (BEST DRAMA). The Puppetman by Brandon Christensen (BEST HORROR). SDI: Secret Department of Intervention by Sébastien Baccala, Thomas Khawam (BEST ACTION). Ozma by Keith John Adams (BEST SCIENCE FICTION). The Activated Man by Nicholas Gyeney (BEST DIRECTOR). Miles in bello. Juan Bernier at the Spanish war by Juan Antonio Bernier Blanco, Rafael Bernier Blanco (BEST LGBTQIA+). From Life to Life by Beka Sikharulidze (BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY). Look At Me by Taylor Olson (BEST ACTOR: Taylor Olson). La Belle Dame Sans Merci  by Nikolay Bogomilov (BEST EDITING, BEST COSTUME-MAKE UP, BESTACTRESS: Bayarma Bayarma). In the Gaze of a Second by Lap Zhing Yeung (BEST STUDENT). City Of Oz by Sadik Ahmed (BEST EXPERIMENTAL). Scarygirl by Ricard Cussó (BEST SOUNDTRACK). Of Color and Ink by Zhang Weimin (BEST PRODUCTION). Magnifique Martinique: An island et its people by Pierre Renaud (BEST MOBILE). Top Flor by Jeremy Minui (BEST THRILLER).


La mia escort by Alessandro Porzio (BEST SHORT). The Shepherd by Ilya Plyusnin (BEST SCIENCE FICTION). The Car Spotter by Martin Sandin (BEST COMEDY). The Jue Chalice by Weizheng Kong (BEST DRAMA). Salvar by Sangwook Ahn (BEST HORROR). Desconocidos by Antonio Palacios (BEST THRILLER). Runaway Killers by Nacho Martin (BEST ACTION). Emerald City by Josef Steiff (BEST BEST LGBTQIA+). Half Past Four by Seung-il Chon (BEST ANIMATED). What If by Pablo Adame (BEST MOBILE). Tethered by Stephen T Lally (BEST FANTASY). Disconnect by Teymour Tehrani (BEST EXPERIMENTAL). 蚂蚁晚上睡在哪里 by Dean Wei (BEST STUDENT). Forsaken by Aziz Shennawy (BEST DIRECTOR). The Memory Album by Cameron Ryan Soedi (BEST EDITING). The ghost fire by Zhan YANG (BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY). Karma is a Hitch by Pierre H. Ollier (BEST SOUNDTRACK). The Memory Album by Cameron Ryan Soedi (BEST ACTOR, Al Dales). M jako Máma by Nina Bhatt (BEST ACTRESS, Angelika Sbouli). 


The Perfect Shot: Antarctica by Quinn Halleck (BEST DOC). I will Dance Again by Nousha Saidi (BEST DIRECTOR). Trentatrè by Raffaele Schiattarella, Raffaele Murolo (BEST EDITING). Sunny Boy by Morgan Le Faucheur (SPECIAL MENTION TO CULTURAL VALUE). His Name is Ray by Michael Del Monte (SPECIAL MENTION TO CULTURAL VALUE).


ELECTRICITY by Ludovic Verwaerde (BEST MUSIC VIDEO). Near or Far by Vanessa Magic (BEST WEB SERIES PILOT). A Valsesian Love Story by Corina Popa (BEST ADVERTISING). Meteor by Line Rainville, Franco Pirrone (BEST FEATURE FILM ORIGINAL SCRIPT). Together Again by Steven D Blissit (BEST SHORT SCRIPT).