Peripheric Love by Luc Walpoth (BEST FILM). The Woddafucka Thing by Gianluca Vallero (BEST COMEDY). The Muse by Max Karpylev (BEST DRAMA). Melchior the Apothecary by Elmo Nüganen (BEST HORROR). Les Abîmés by Maxime Lorgerie (BEST ACTION). Gaganachari by Arun Chandu (BEST SCIENCE FICTION). When Time Got Louder by Connie Cocchia (BEST LGBTQIA+). Bird of Paradise by Reza Amidi (BEST THRILLER, BEST EDITING ). Motherboard by Igor Santos Bastos (BEST ANIMATED). Cras by Jack Crawford (BEST STUDENT). Perceived Reality by Gijs Besseling (BEST EXPERIMENTAL). Lissa’s Trip by Jeffery Lando (BEST SOUNDTRACK, BESTSPECIAL EFFECTS). Darwin’s Fox by NBen Scharf (BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY). ID by Kiran Kondamadugula (BEST ACTOR, Rakesh Galebhe). Rudy by Shona Auerbach (BESTACTRESS, Esther McCormick ). When Time Got Louder by Connie Cocchia (BEST DIRECTOR).


The last party by Matteo Damiani (BEST SHORT). Scomparire by Daniele Nicolosi (BEST SCIENCE FICTION). Cookies by Alessandro Stigliano (BEST COMEDY). Mayfly by Keith Andreen (BEST DRAMA). Dorme sepolto by Somni Montresor (BEST HORROR). Diversion by Simon Heymans (BEST THRILLER). Takbir by Jordi Calvet (BEST ACTION). Virium by Margarita Faneitte (BEST BEST LGBTQIA+). Friendly Fire by Tom Koryto Blumen (BEST ANIMATED). Ogni Tre Giorni by Mark Petrasso (BEST MOBILE, FRIDA AWARD). Little Yellow Flower by Chien-Ping Lin (BEST EXPERIMENTAL). E. by Catalin Ciocea (BEST STUDENT). ELISABETH by Caroline Laure, Eliane Tillette (BEST DIRECTOR). Ruins- Episode One; Golden Immortal by Emir Mavitan (BEST PRODUCTION, CINEMATOGRAPHY). Diamond in the dirt by Hussain Mohamed Hassan, Sean Kardar (BEST EDITING). The door by Pierre H. Ollier (BEST SOUNDTRACK). Story of a lunch break by Marco Del Mastro (BEST ACTOR, Daniele Natali). Alba by Ricardo Soto (BEST ACTRESS, Isabella Valera). 


UNDER [SI:] by Morgan Le Faucheur (BEST DOC).The Voice of Thaïs by David Casals Roma (BEST DIRECTOR, BEST PRODUCTION, BEST EDITING). 


Little Big – Generation Cancellation by Alina Pasok, Ilia Prusikin (BEST MUSIC VIDEO). A Vital Flat by Josep Rodglá (BEST WEB SERIES PILOT). Nature Made Multivitamin by Sarab Sahni (BEST ADVERTISING). The Pickleball Killer by Jim Carroll (BEST FEATURE FILM ORIGINAL SCRIPT). El Vals (The Waltz) by Alycya Magaña (BEST SHORT SCRIPT).